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KLW TrainSim End User License Agreement
Last Updated: 07/21/12

Addons and content ©2003-2012 KLW TrainSim and the respective authors who have helped contribute to our addons.
KLW addons, unless specifically noted as "public domain," are "freeware." As freeware, KLW addons and content are not to be redistributed for monetary gain or in conjunction with commercial ventures. Using KLW addons for monetary gain is prohibited by law.
Any modified or edited version of this agreement not authored by KLW TrainSim shall be considered a tampered EULA and invalid. We reserve the right to revise this agreement at any time, without prior notice.

Reskinners may release complete, freeware reskins of KLW locomotives to the TrainSim.com file library, provided the original credits to the ORIGINAL BASE MODEL (not the credits from another reskin) are left 100% intact. No permission is required from KLW to do so, but please remember to follow the rules listed in this document. No credits section = no release.
All authors' rights, plus additional licensing in regards to third-party content included in KLW addons must be respected in the same fashion as above.

KLW addons have no warranty, express or implied. The end user assumes all responsibility and risk of using this addon. We cannot be held responsible for damage that any KLW or files contained here may cause to your system/computer.
Community support for MSTS addons can be sought from the forums at www.trainsim.com.

KLW is run by one individual who has a regular job and has very little time to maintain the addons available here, or the website. Unfortunately, it is more than likely that I will not have time to answer emails. Please use the community support available at www.trainsim.com.
Do not publish our email address if you are familiar with it, and please do not contact us via any instant messaging systems. That's why we have an email contact form - so you can reach us where we'll see your message.